SolaPuppy Token and SolaPuppies  NFT’s

Our Sola Pups NFT's are the hottest NFTs in The Solar System


1 NFT = 01 SOL

Maximum: 20 NFT per wallet
Public mint :
SolaPuppy NFT #19R

_our concept :

SolaPuppies NFT's

SolaPuppies are one of a kind super doge heroes from out of this world.

SolaPups NFT's are the coolest NFT's arriving from out of this world into our Soon!

SolaPuppy NFT #54R

_Our mission :

SolaPuppies make life more beautiful

We are developing the Sola Puppy NFT's

Sola Puppies are the coolest NFT's the the Solar System

We are combining leading web3 tech to bring SolaPups to life!

We are developing SolaPups and SolaDoge game into leading new solar/space meme

Through the SolaPups Collection

We are providing support and charity to millions of real puppies around the world.

We provide the leading NFT's in the entire

Sola Puppies are arriving and minting soon!

A collection of 1,000 SolaPuppy NFT's


Sola Puppy NFT's


Road map

Sola Puppy NFT's
_Comming soon….

SolaPuppy NFT’s are unique 1k series of super rare original NFTs, get one while you can!

You can buy soon on

SolaPuppyNFTs should be available in Q3

The CryptoVCBank and Cryptocellerator teams are behind the project.

Visit – more launch info coming soon

NFT “Non-fungible token” is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. NFTs can really be any digital product: drawings …


Frequently asked questions.

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We want to create a more safe and inclusive ecosystem for the sola puppy community. Our SolaPups community is a special group of people held together by the common Sola Puppy Bond, and helping as many puppys and Dogs as possible. Join our NFT SolaPuppy community now for special airdrops, giveaways, to get whitelisted, and more!

SolaPuppy NFT #133
SolaPuppy NFT #129
SolaPuppy NFT #338